More and more businesses are rushing to get their names and products out on the World Wide Web. And for good reason. People in the market for what you offer can search the world over with a few clicks of the mouse. Shouldn't you be there when they come looking?

We offer complete web authoring services, putting your name and products out on the information superhighway where folks can see them. And our HTML authors are experienced in designing a site that meets your needs, without distracting your visitors unnecessarily with cheap, overused effects commonly found on amateur sites.

If you're looking for web page authoring, Shifthree has your solution.


Basic Web Page Authoring $25
(typically very simple sites or personal pages)
Custom Web Page Authoring We charge a flat rate by project
(estimates based on a $25 per hour fee)
Web Site Maintenance $10 per month plus server rental

Prices are subject to change without notice. Contact us for a quote for your needs.

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